Thursday, October 22, 2009

Brick House 2009 Event

We were proud to be the first on our block to host an event for the recently 91-rated (December edition of Cigar Aficionado) Brick House cigars by J.C. Newman.

A special thank you to both the Newmans and representative Mike McKinney who literally begged, borrowed or stole every box of Brick House in their Tampa warehouse in order for us to have enough for our event. You guys really made it happen!

This cigar was released at the 2009 retail showcase (IPCPR for those of you into acronyms) as a full-flavored Nicaraguan puro that wouldn't break the bank $4.75 - $5.75).  It's got a beautifully oily wrapper and draws and burns without effort. Not an overly spicy cigar but it does show hints of spice, nutty, sweet aroma. All and all a great smoke at a great price. If you haven't tried one, they may be hard to come by for a bit due to demand. But be patient. They're worth the wait.