Saturday, December 5, 2009

2009 Cain Event

Thanks to all who turned out for our December 3rd Cain event. There was plenty of great food and refreshments on hand including some top shelf scotch, rum and port to keep us warm and in good spirits! All who purchased that evening saved themselves a bunch of money on top of the free cigars, cutters and hats. We want to also give a special shout out to Cory Bappert of Oliva for all his support not just at this particular event but throughout 2009. You're the man!!

While we're thanking people, Maria and I also want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our loyal customers who have supported us not only this year but throughout our first five years in business. We are truly blessed and appreciate you all.

Stay tuned for announcements of some exciting events we have planned for 2010!!

All the best.
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Light Up The Night!

I attended the Light Up The Night event this past Friday as a Cigar Rights of America (CRA) representative and had a great time! This was a charity event that benefited the Tampa Firehouse Museum, a worthwhile cause that I would encourage you to check out should you find yourself in downtown Tampa with a few hours to spare. Your kids will love it!

In addition to the wonderful jazz band that entertained us all evening and the great food, there were quite a few local cigar celebraties in attendance. Among them was the event host, Carlos Fuente Jr. and his lovely family along with Carlito and Cynthia Fuente. I had the opportunity to chat with all three for quite a while due to the intimate surrounding. Local radio celebrity Jack Harris from 970 WFLA was also in attendence and is as warm and genuine in person as he is on the radio.

Special thanks to everyone at Tampa Sweethearts for sponcering the event and for giving CRA the opportunity to educate everyone on what this great organization is doing to defend all our rights to enjoy our premium, hand-made cigars. If you haven't already joined CRA, I would like to strongly encourage you to do so as we're losing our rights a little bit every day. We have membership cards at our store and will be more than happy to further explain what a great organization it is and why you need to join the fight. Until next time - keep 'em lit!!
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Attention Arturo Fuente Anejo fans!

We just received our holiday shipment of the highly coveted Arturo Fuente Anejo Reserva.

Arturo Fuente Anejo is one of the world’s rarest cigars.  It features a dark maduro wrapper that is aged in cognac barrels.
 The Fuente name is no stranger to cigar smokers both at the novice and aficionado level. For generations they have been producing the best tobacco and the best cigars in the Dominican Republic. After the hugely successful launch of their coveted OpusX cigar a new idea was born. This idea was for a cigar that uses the very best Dominican filler and binder, but adds a 5-year-old Connecticut maduro wrapper aged in a cognac barrel. This cigar became know as the Fuente Anejo (extra Viejo).
The Anejo is a full-bodied Dominican cigar with unique aging process that leaves a very distinct finish. Typically only available around Fathers Day and Christmas, this cigar is one of the hardest to find and exclusive cigars in the world.

Act quickly to secure yours before they are all gone!!

La Flor Dominicana Limitado IV

The latest release of Litto's famed Limited Editions. This year's release measures 6 1/4 X 52. Bold flavors and flawless construction are the hallmarks of these truly rare, fine cigars. The 2009 edition featuring a Nicaraguan sun-grown wrapper with binder and fillers from Litto's farm in the Dominican Republic is no exception. Be sure to secures yours while supplies last!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Untimely passing

We received the extremely sad news this morning that a friend and industry associate, David Cimino, has passed away.

Many will fondly remember Dave as the Florida representative for CAO International and later Pepin Garcia and Savinelli.

While Maria and I did not see Dave on as regular a basis as we did while he was still in the cigar industry, we considered him a good friend and more importantly a gentle and kind soul.

Dave leaves behind a young daughter and numerous family members who loved him. We ask that you please remember him as well as his family in your prayers.

We'll miss you my friend.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2009 Perdomo Event

We had a nice gathering on October 29th for our annual Perdomo event as we featured one of two of their latest releases - Gran Cru! We chose the Gran Cru in part because of it's great flavor, full body and price point ($5.75 - $6.50). But I say this in all honesty, every cigar, regardless of price, that comes out of the Perdomo factory is a winner. Regardless of price.They truelly have something for everyone's budget.

A last thought. If you're local and haven't attended one of our monthly events, you're really missing out on some spectacular specials and without a doubt some of the greatest people to mix and mingle with in the area. Our customers are the greatest and we appreciate there continued loyalty. We are blessed!

Our next event will be on Thursday, December 3rd all well be featuring Cain cigars. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Brick House 2009 Event

We were proud to be the first on our block to host an event for the recently 91-rated (December edition of Cigar Aficionado) Brick House cigars by J.C. Newman.

A special thank you to both the Newmans and representative Mike McKinney who literally begged, borrowed or stole every box of Brick House in their Tampa warehouse in order for us to have enough for our event. You guys really made it happen!

This cigar was released at the 2009 retail showcase (IPCPR for those of you into acronyms) as a full-flavored Nicaraguan puro that wouldn't break the bank $4.75 - $5.75).  It's got a beautifully oily wrapper and draws and burns without effort. Not an overly spicy cigar but it does show hints of spice, nutty, sweet aroma. All and all a great smoke at a great price. If you haven't tried one, they may be hard to come by for a bit due to demand. But be patient. They're worth the wait.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Reyes 2009 Event

We had a packed house for our Reyes Family event on the 27th! Now whether or not it had to do with the fact that Reyes super salesman Jose Ortega was in the house or the fact that we rolled-out a number of new Reyes lines, we were jammin!

I've seen Jose in action in years past and he knows how to work a crowd like no other! This guy could write his own ticket and work where ever and for who ever he wished. It speaks volumes about the respect and relationship that he and the Reyes family have for each other that he remains where he's at. That's not to be taken for granted!

Jose did confide to me that this was one of the easiest events that he's ever worked. We simply sampled out cigars to everyone who stopped by and the product sold itself!

The biggest hit of the night by far was the Miami-made Cuba Aliados Miami Edition followed closely behind by both the Miami-made Reyes Vintage and the Nicaraguan-made Reyes Premier.

I really encourage our customers to attend our monthly events for a number of good reasons. First off, it's always a great time to try a cigar that you might have been curious about but never got around to smoking and the incentives that the manufacturers offer can't be beat! Second, it's an opportunity to make some new friends or re-aquant yourself with some old ones. We are blessed to have a great bunch of customers - both men and women - who support our monthly events. Everyone is friendly and quick to offer a hello or assistance.

Next month on the 24th we will be helping launch the new JC Newman cigar, Brick House. Please plan on joining us for what is sure to be another awesome gathering!
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Here's a few photos that Maria and I snapped while attending the 2009 IPCPR trade show in New Orleans.

It was great to see so many of our old friends!
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NUB Event

Sorry to take so long publishing the photos from our July 30th NUB event.

It was a great time as always and interesting to watch the expressions on the faces of our customers who had never seen or experienced NUB cigars. The format is certainly different to be sure! But once they lit up and experienced the big flavor, it was a slam dunk.

Specials thanks to Cory Bappert of Olivia Cigars for co-hosting our event.

If you're a fan of the NUB, we'll be featuring Sam Leccia's latest creation -CAIN- on our December 3rd event!

CAIN will be available in traditional sizes in Habano and Maduro wrappers. CAIN is a blend of straight ligero tobaccos from various parts of Nicaragua. The ligero is triple fermented to give the cigar a balance and smoothness not often found in ligero blends.
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Friday, June 26, 2009

We had our annual Toraño Cigar Event last evening (6.25.09) and it was a blast! Armando Lapido is not only the companies top salesman, he's a true professional able to answer almost any question regarding Toraño cigars.

In addition to the large turnout that Toraño brings out, we were also celebrating the 40th birthday of our close friend, Bob Fontana. The house was packed, cigars were passed out to all, the beer, rum & wine was flowing and the Asian food from Simply Fusion was out of this world! If you weren't here, you missed a good one.